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6 hours

40 minutes

People spend on screens connected to the internet in 2024 According to Exploding Topics.
So, why don't we make it
6 hours and 40 minutes of english learning?
Peppa Pig: An innovative way to promote formulaic language in pre-primary EFL classrooms
The children were divided into different groups: the control groups simply watched a set of episodes of Peppa Pig in English and then were tested, while the experimental groups watched the same set of episodes of the programme, received instruction, and then were tested. Results showed that preschoolers can benefit considerably from merely watching Peppa Pig episodes and that reinforcing it with instruction can lead to significant formulaic gains.
Formulaic language: This refers to frequently used chunks of language like greetings, questions, and expressions (e.g.,"Hello, how are you?" or "It's raining").
Importance for young learners: Formulaic language provides a foundation for building more complex sentences and helps children communicate effectively at an early stage.
Peppa Pig as a tool: The show uses a lot of formulaic language in a simple and repetitive way, making it easy for young learners to pick up.
Subconscious learning is key
By immersing yourself in English through shows you enjoy, you subconsciously pick up vocabulary, grammar structures, and even pronunciation patterns.
Implicit learning of tacit knowledge.
Arthur Reber. University of British Columbia

Not long.
Use this:
Instead of this:
Use this:
Instead of this:
Problems with writing?
Let students argue in comments in a random Instagram post!
Short content is king.


Attention Spans & Accessibility: People today have shorter attention spans and crave easily digestible content. Short-form videos like YouTube Shorts, TikToks, Reels, and memes fit perfectly into busy schedules and scrolling habits.

Quick Learning Bursts: These short bursts of content allow you to learn new vocabulary, grammar structures, and even cultural references in a fun and engaging way.

Variety & Entertainment: The short-form format offers a wide variety of content, from educational explainers to funny skits. You can find something that entertains you while you learn.

Repetition & Reinforcement: The short, looping nature of these videos allows for repetition, which is crucial for language learning. You can see the same phrase or grammatical structure used multiple times, solidifying your understanding.